Our company

HUMANITY is a pharmaceutical concern specializing in the development and production of medications.

HUMANITY’s current product portfolio lists more than 700 discrete medications covering a range of dosages and delivery systems.

HUMANITY currently also has 156 new products in varying stages of development (Humanity Research and Development Center).

Our products are represented in all 13 ATC codes, meaning that our medications are at work in every branch of modern medicine.





This project is of great importance to us. What follows are the principles that guide it.

  • We will work only with medications that meet the highest global levels of tested effectiveness and safety;

  • We will promote a broad range of medicinal solutions for illnesses of high impact on the local population;

  • We will formulate a range of educational programs for medical and pharmaceutical professionals, with the goal of promoting greater familiarity with and capability in the uses of modern pharmacology;

  • We will design special needs supervision programs for rare or isolated incidents of disease;

  • We will provide full support in particular to those for whom medical treatment is inaccessible or unaffordable;

  • We are committed to using all viable, innovative approaches and scientific initiatives to raise the level of healthcare in the country of Georgia to reflect the highest global standards.

The work of HUMANITY-GEORGIA must reflect the heart of the Georgian people: humane, spiritual, and kind.

Humanity-Georgia – we care for you!