• No country can enjoy full healthcare security if it is heavily dependent on “medicines from abroad”;

  • No country should settle simply for “packaging and assembly” of foreign-produced medicines when it can have domestic pharmaceutical production ;

  • No country can allow itself and its citizens to rely on outdated, primitive, and ineffective medications;

  • No country can absent itself from the progress being made in global medicine and pharmaceutics.

  • The creation of a profitable domestic production base that brings benefits both locally and globally is in the interests of every country, Georgia is no exception.

With these FIVE ASPECTS in mind, we assert the core objective of the Humanity-Georgia Project to be the creation of a full-cycle, socially impactful, pharmaceutical production complex in the country. The realization of this goal will be reflected in

  • a range of products reflecting the most current local and global forecasts of medical need and effectiveness;

  • the potential to produce biomedicines employing “biosimilarity” technologies in their manufacture;

  • a full range of delivery systems and doses of all modern medications;

  • full compliance with leading global pharmaceutical product standards for quality;

  • the potential to develop a market presence in both the EU and the post-Soviet space.

The Humanity-Georgia full-cycle pharmaceutical plant will serve as a necessary medical shield for the nation’s health and welfare.