Statement of JSC "Humanity Georgia"

Taking into account that Transparency International Georgia showed interest in the activity of "Humanity Georgia" not for the first time, we have officially replied to all their questions on several occasions. Now, we'd like to say it again both for the press and general public, in order to avoid misrepresentation of the facts in future.  

The project submitted by Humanity Georgia to the Partnership Fund provides for construction of a modern pharmaceutical factory to be certified by GMP standard.

Also, the Company undertakes to redeem the share of the Fund. Accordingly, what is meant here is the business project, not financing of somebody due to self-interest or the charity.  

The business plan and project objectives of JSC "Humanity Georgia" were congruent with the state interests -   access to the qualitative pharmaceutical products increased and the prices for the medicines were considerably reduced. This project is cost effective for the state, beneficial to society and duly substanitated4+4 in terms of business.

The business plan of the company "Humanity Georgia" was evaluated by the well-known international auditing company KPMG.

At the present day, our high-quality pharmacologic agents are selling at 30% discount in comparison with their counterparts. The purpose of "Humanity Georgia" is to promote local production, which may become the part of import substitution program and the products of such enterprise may be even exported.

Dissemination of information on the Company's entering the market resulted in considerable decrease in prices, which is evidenced by informational message and survey sent by several pharmaceutical companies, by which the reduction in price index for medicines is fixed (Panaskerteli index). 

As for the Company's history and experience

Different entities integrated in International Consortium implement business projects for improvement of joint activity and financing. This Consortium, in its turn, brings together the professionals in this field. The steady trend of the world is establishment of new enterprises, which is the essence of the progress and development.

For "Humanity Georgia", we are dealing with the business group of internationally recognized businessman Alexander Mashkevich, who demonstrated its interests towards Georgian pharmaceutical and hospital sector yet in 2013.

As for the quality, all medicines imported by the Company are serially inspected; each of them is checked by the World Health Organization in the certified laboratory of the WHO.

The medicines are produced in EU factories applying GMP standard.

Moreover, all medicines are registered with respective service of the Ministry of Health.

The survey casts doubt upon the identity of the owner of "Transparency International Georgia". As they stated, "based on the official information, it's difficult to clarify whether Alexander Mashkevich actually stands behind these companies or not".

JSC "Humanity Georgia" made a statement with regard to the above-said issue yet in February; later the authorized persons confirmed Mashkevich's participation in this huge project. Below is presented the statement without changes:

„Alexander Mashkevich, together with the partners, expresses readiness to carry out several projects in Georgia through the companies mainly operating in medical services and pharmaceutical sectors. Alexander Mashkevich, on a global scale, has gained a huge experience in these fields.  

The company "Humanity Georgia" has started operating in pharmaceutical sector, and the high-quality medicines imported by it will be presented in pharmacy networks in several days.

"Humanity Georgia" has already started construction of unprecedented scale pharmaceutical factory to be equipped with advanced technologies, also of quality control laboratory certified by the World Health Organization and of warehousing center.  

Alphamedic Consortium takes part in the tender of hospital development project, which is ready to make respectable investments in the sector, in the event of win.

The investments are intended for long-term period and aim at facilitation the competitive environment, increase of accessibility to qualitative medical service and reduction in prices for the medicines."

The business group of Alexander Mashkevich is planning to make investments in other systemic projects as well.

We are the open company. Our activity is transparent. For avoidance of any doubt, we publicly express readiness once again to give the exhaustive answers to the competent persons, as no questions will remain unanswered in connection with the activity of Humanity Georgia.